Monday, August 13, 2012

This week on Jean: A very quiet house as the men folk leave to help rebuild homes damaged from a hurricane In New York state. With a homemade recipe from Jean for Strawberry-Applesauce Salad

Jean is old order Mennonite from New York State. Jean and her husband David and family live on a dairy farm, and travel their community using horse and buggy. She tells her story exclusively on Amish Stories.

Please feel free to ask Jean your questions in your comments folks. Richard

It is kind of quiet around our house this week.  Michael and Edward, along with  some Old Order Mennonite young men are down state working on some houses that were damaged by .  I don't know if all Old Order Mennonite do this, but in our area we have what we call missionary work-where the young folks go for a week or two every year. And in the summer  helping people who need help.  

The boys leave in the morning and return in the evening.  In the 14 and 15  age group that Michael and Edward are in they go some place fairly local.  When they get around age 16 and older, they go some place out of state where they stay for two weeks to work, then come home.  Both girls and boys go along with adults for supervision. 

Thought I might answer some of the questions that were in some of your comments. What kind of games does my family play?  One of the favorites for Susan is a game called Candyland.  We also play checkers, scrabble, domino's and more.  Before Edward moved in  we were  teaching Michael how to play chess.  Now he is teaching David, Michael,myself and even Susan how to play.
Where do Old Order Mennonites  and Amish acquire fabrics for their sewing needs?  We use to go to Wal-Mart but they have phased out a lot of their sewing materials.  Now we buy at Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts. 

The responsibility of the amount of children we have is left up to God.  Most of the Old Order Mennonite families are large.  It is a rare situation where someone doesn't have children or only one child as David was.  I came from a family of 11 children.  Though they are not our natural children, we consider Michael and Edward our children and as a gift from God.  We do not use any family planning (birth control). 

I really can't tell you the difference between the Old Order Mennonite and many Mennonites that are in St. Catherine as I have never been there.  In our area there are different sects of Old Order Mennonites and other Mennonite groups that drive cars, have computers and televisions, and more.  We use some of the other Mennonites with cars to drive us.
I am feeling much better,  I am now allowed to lift David Jr which he and I are both happy about.  Also, it doesn't bother me to ride or drive the buggy anymore.  

Still, I am not allowed to over- do the lifting in moving furniture, lifting laundry, and more.  We are down to having Bridget (maid) come to our home two days a week to help with laundry and any other jobs I have for her.  I have also been told by the doctor not to overwork myself.  David and Bridget are better at seeing I don't do that than I am. 

Bridget is also working for another Old Order Mennonite family four days a week.  So between the two families we are keeping her busy.  
I still have more of your questions to answer and I will put them in other posts.  Please feel free to ask questions-then I know what you are interested in.
Be With God,

A home made recipe from Jean

Strawberry-Applesauce Salad

1 6oz pkg strawberry Jello

2 cups boiling water

1 15oz can applesauce (I use homemade applesauce)

1 10oz pkg frozen strawberries (I use Fresh strawberries)

Dissolve gelatin in water.  Add strawberries.  Stir (until thawed if using frozen strawberries).  Add applesauce.  Pour into mold or bowl.  Chill until firm.
                                         Enjoy. Jean

Next Monday some of Jeans natural home remedie picks!


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