Monday, August 27, 2012

This week on Jean: A fast Summer with Jeans children now starting school, but fun is still in the air as the men take in a New York Yankee's baseball game in the big city.

Jean is old order Mennonite from New York State. Jean and her husband David and family live on a dairy farm, and travel their community using horse and buggy. She tells her story exclusively on Amish Stories.

Please keep your questions for Jean coming folks, she really enjoys answering them!  Richard 

Time has sure flown by this summer.  It hardly seems that Susan will be back to school on August 13th.  She just had her birthday and she is 7 and going into second grade.  My she is growing so fast.  Michael and Edward are in the public school and don't go back until September 5th. They will be grade 10 or sophomores.  The Mennonite School that Susan goes too starts earlier than the public school, but it ends earlier like the end of April next year. 

Michael and Edward feel sorry that Susan starts so soon, but then again she only has to go to the eighth grade and they have to go until 12-or at least that's how it stands now.  Maybe when Michael's adoption goes through that might change. As like most farmers in our area, we took a bad loss in the crops and fruit this year.  It was a combination of early blooming do to early warm temperatures and the loss of crops due to the little rain and hot temperatures.  Because of this, we have decided not to build a new house.  

David believes that we can complete our attic and that will give us another two or three bedrooms.  That is a winter project from David, Michael and Edward. Michael and Edward would like the attic for their bedrooms-we will see.  David says with the fire, my surgery and the crop loss-it would be best to wait on the house-unless I really wanted it.  I told him another year or two doesn't matter.  We did make enough crops for what we sell to the government to help feed the armed forces.  

Also, we have enough for my canning for the winter.  I have some canned goods that I am sending to Farmers Market, but not like we have had sent in previous years. Also, not as good as previous years. We thank the Lord that we have enough to meet our needs. We also thank the Lord, that we made out better than many others did.  David is hoping that maybe he can find a job for this winter-that would help.

Edward and Michael enjoyed the work they did down state helping repair houses that were damaged by Hurricane Irene.  This was Edward's first time on anything like that.  He really enjoyed it.  They worked Monday Thru Friday and on Saturday there was a picnic for all the work they did.  Recently there was a wind and rain storm here that David, Michael, Edward, and myself went just east of here. We did not get damaged but an area near by did. The men cut trees, and did emergency work on the houses.  

The ladies provided the meals for the workers and people whose houses were damaged.  It was hard work, but we really enjoyed it. Michael and Edward are getting their main birthday present a little early.  David and I told them that David was taking them to a Yankees game in New York City.  They were both shocked and happy.  Michael tried to tell David we couldn't afford it, but David insisted.  This was separate money that David and I had set aside for this.  

Also, this is the one and only Yankee's trip they will make as it is not something Old Order Mennonite usually do.  David got permission from our Bishop.  As they are foster children we are allowed to do this on this one time basis.  David has the trip all booked.  They will be going before the boys go back to school.

Edward is doing much better reading do to our retired teacher helping this summer.  At prayer time now, David rotates the Bible between Edward, Michael and himself for the readings of the day.  That also has helped to improve Edward's reading.  He will continue to go to our retired teacher even when school starts. 
My letter is a long this week, so I will end now.  I plan on answering more of your questions in my next post. Be with God.         Jean

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