Monday, April 16, 2012

This week on Jean: The update

Jean is old order Mennonite from New York State.Jean and her husband David and family live on a dairy farm, and travel their community using horse and buggy. She tells her story exclusively on Amish Stories.

David and Michael are out plowing this morning with the beautiful weather we are having in Upstate New York right now. They have plowed our field, my parents field, the two Amish behind us and David's parents. David's parents was the hardest to do as the previous owner had not plowed the field in over 10 years. It will be great land to plant this year as it has not been used and has rested as we say. David bent one of the plows when he hit a rock on his parents field. Michael was right behind him in our other plow when David hit it, but Michael had time enough to stop before he hit the rock. Now the men are considering planting. The weather is beautiful, but it is March and they don't want to plant too soon, get a freeze and lose all they planted like happened a few years ago. That year they had to re-plant the crops again as the first planting was ruined in the freeze. But on the other hand, they are getting the Itch to plant. The men even plowed for my garden already this year.

Thought I would update and how things are going. Our house is almost all done. The kitchen is completed except for a couple additional cupboards that weren't in the old kitchen but are going in the new kitchen. Between Michael's school and David's plowing they haven't completed them all yet. Sears delivered the new stove, refrigerator, freezer, washer and dryer so I am able to cook in the kitchen again. David, Michael and Susan agreed my Mother was a great cook, but they were glad I was cooking back in our own kitchen again. We still also have some painting to do where the walls were taken down and replaced for the new plumbing and electric, but they are in our bedrooms. We finished the living room, downstairs bedroom, downstairs and upstairs bathrooms so we haven't got much left to do.

All my canned goods were replaced by our Mennonite and Amish neighbors - we appreciate it very much. Our Englisher neighbors across the street's parents have come to live with them. The parents were bored and were looking for a "job". As they have a car we asked them to drive us to the grocery store so we could replace all the groceries we lost in the fire. We went after the public school let out so Michael could help carry the groceries. We hardly had room for us in the car because I bought lots of groceries and filled the trunk and some in the back seat of the car. I have highly recommended our neighbor's parents as drivers. They patiently waited while we went through the grocery store and took us to a couple of other places I wanted to stop. When we got home they didn't want to be paid for doing this, but I explained that if they wanted the job they had to take payment or we wouldn't call them. Since that day other Old Order Mennonite and Amish have asked them to drive them. It gives us another driver and gives our neighbor's parents a little extra income.

Regarding the automobile accident that happened where the 6 Amish were killed that David and our Fire Department were at. The man that caused the accident plead guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 12 to 24 years in prison. What may have not been in the paper is that some of the Amish went to prison or wrote letters to him telling him that he has been forgiven. Some of the Amish still visit him in prison. We hope and pray that if this man has not already known the Lord that during his prison time he does and his life changes. Also the Amish have contacted his family telling them they forgive and helping them in anyway that they could.

David and I went to the most recent Town Meeting and a moratorium was put on new dog kennels and dog breeding operations. This was done by the opposition to a plan for the dog breeding facility in the town. There was so much opposition from across our country and overseas by telephone and e-mail. They even had to shut down the phones for a few days at Town Hall because of so many calls. This gives the town board time to review existing laws and maybe enact new ones. After a year the board can renew the moratorium or maybe adopt an ending to the moratorium. So at least for a while they can be no new dog-breeding farms in our town. We hope it remains that way.

As my kitchen was done and all my recipes backed in boxes after the fire I am behind in giving recipes. Now that my kitchen is back I will be unpacking the recipes books, cards, etc. I know someone wanted rye bread, another wanted Amish bread and there was a third recipe someone wanted that neither Marilyn nor I can remember. If you would leave what you wanted in comment-I will see if I have that recipe.

Be With God, Jean
An update on Jean: As of this writing Jean is leaving the hospital today (Monday) and will be going home to rest, with her husband David making sure that  she takes it easy with other's helping more around the house and farm until she's better. Jean will also be working on a post of her  hospital stay at some point when she is able, and i will be keeping Jean in my thoughts as she gets stronger and as her health fully recovers. Richard
Ham and Onions over Noodles recipe

This is an old Mennonite recipe.

6 slices ham 3 x 3 1/2 x 1/4 inches

3 onions, sliced

1/2 cup sour cream

Hot noodles

Fry slices of ham until nicely browned. Remove ham from pan and add onion slices. Cook until slightly browned. Add sour cream. Let come to a boil and pour over hot noodles. Recipe from www.Recipegoldmine.com


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