Friday, June 24, 2011

Intercourse Heritage Festival, Lancaster Pennsylvania: Part 1

Young Amish woman enjoying some milk under this giant cow
Entrance  to  the Intercourse Heritage festival
A 1960s police car complete with doughnuts
1950s police car, doughnuts are extra.
Amish and non-Amish children enjoying a tractor ride around the festival.
Amish youth enjoying a friendly game of volley ball

Good food was front and center, with cheese burgers my personal favorite. 
Even some adults got into the act
Amishman taking everything in
There were classic tractors for show, and did they all look great

Im not sure what this was, all i know is i really want one
Lots of classic American cars, hey i didn't know.
Amish scooter
The kids really liked this small petting zoo
Reminds me of Mini-me and doctor evil from the Austin Powers movie
I really liked this yellow one,notice the Amish children in the back ground
Orange never looked so good
A  car parking lot that turned into  Amish buggy parking
Intercourse fire dept  had a booth  here, with many Amish  volunteer fire fighters in attendance
This event in Intercourse was something that i had put on my refrigerator a few weeks ago, to remind myself that this was taking place on this date. Its something i always do which is to place something that i may be interested in on the frig, and i always have a few events that i stick on there. And how i am very glad that i did go, it was great in a way maybe only some of the non-bloggers would understand. Now don't get me wrong it was fun and the food was great, but its the images that i was after. And did i hit the mother load as i was able to finally in the end take almost 100 pictures for Amish Stories. If your a blogger you can understand my joy because now i was able to make 4 post just from this event alone. And to the readers let me say that and i say this with honesty, i could have made maybe 10 post with all these pictures. But you know what, and maybe I'm a little crazy but just think of me as a cook in a diner who's serving healthy portions to his customers. So part 1 through part 4 will have at least 15 images in them, and i didn't use every picture because they didn't make the cut. In the next post of part 2 i might get into a little of the history of the little town of intercourse, and i did buy a book while i was here on its history. There was a building with images past and present that really almost made me teary eyed looking at some of those pictures especially of the late 1960s-1970s. And i was not the only one who felt that way, and ill get into that in one of the other post of this festival. I will comment more the next time on what i was seeing, and about the Amish that were there. I try not to just take pictures, but try to observe what's going on around me so i can write about it. I hope most of you will enjoy the images taken from this day for this series, and that some of the pictures will in the end be telling their own stories. Richard from Amish Stories. Please stop by for a new post this coming Monday on Amish Stories.


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