Monday, June 6, 2011

Enter The "Witness" Covered Bridge Tour" contest.Visit the farm where the movie staring Harrison Ford and Kelly Mcgillis was filmed. And write your very own "Witness" movie sequel to win.

Contest deadline  has been extended from June 11 to June 18
If you can not make it to Lancaster, you may chose this book

Welcome to Amish Stories first ever contest. Witness was not only a very well written movie, it also helped make the Amish culture more aware to those who didn't know very much about the Amish. This movie enhanced the star power of Harrison ford to new levels, and also launched the movie careers of Kelly Mcgillis and Viggo Mortensen. Witness also brought actor Danny Glover more exposure for more meaty film roles in the future. Its considered the finest movie ever made to date involving the Amish themselves as a storyline, and in my opinion Witness stands on its own as one of the finest movies ever made period.And now you have a chance to write your own "Witness" sequel for this contest.

To enter to win  you must submit  your own version of a sequel to the movie Witness, please try and keep it around 300 words or less and mail it to brad@amishexperience.com  Please type in "Witness" in the subject of your e-mail so Brad will know its for the contest. Include your phone number and address in your e-mail.
The deadline to summit your Witness sequel draft will be on Saturday (June18) and the 1st and 2nd prize winner will be announced on Friday (June 24).First prize winners will receive 2 tickets to the "Witness tour" and also 2 tickets for "Jacob's Choice". While 2nd prize winners will receive 2 tickets to the "Amish Country Homestead" . All these events are in Lancaster county. To give everyone an idea on how to write this, please look at my own excample  at the very bottom of this post. Good luck everyone. Below is information on these prizes.



   Visit the farm where the movie WITNESS was  filmed!

Amish Country Tours is happy to announce the continuation of a special,exclusive tour that permits visitors to see the farm, now Amish-owned, that was used in the 1985 Harrison Ford movie WITNESS. The farm had not been open to visitors since the popular “Witness Movie Experience Tour” offered in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau and Amish Country Tours in 2005. While this tour is different, and does not go inside any buildings on the farm, it does give visitors the opportunity to see the farm, take personal photos of the buildings, and sense how Harrison Ford’s character must have felt when this idyllic farm setting became his sanctuary. An immediate sell-out in 2010, we now offer more dates for this exclusive experience. 

•Bring your camera for unforgettable WITNESS Farm photos
•Learn of other WITNESS locations and legendary WITNESS stories
•Ride through three historic covered bridges
•Experience the majestic beauty of backroads rarely traveled
•Receive a specially made Amish gift to commemorate your visit
•Limited to 14 guests per tour.
•May - October. At 4:30 pm we depart from the Amish Experience Theater, Plain & Fancy Farm,
Route 340, between Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse.
• Duration: Approximately 2-2.5 hours.


                 The Story of Jacob's Choice

“Compelling” is the one single word that best describes the emotional story of "Jacob's Choice," told through the everyday life of the Fishers, an Old Order Amish family of today. In as unusual a theater setting as you have likely encountered, you meet grandfather, mother, father and children living together on the land, as their ancestors before them. You learn of teenager Jacob's dilemma in having to choose between joining the Amish church, or leaving behind family and community to become a part of the modern world. This lifetime decision is faced by every young adult member of an Amish family, since becoming Amish is a choice made freely as an adult and is never a "given."

The belief in adult baptism led to the Amish being referred to as “Anabaptists." Experiencing the horrendous religious persecution of the Anabaptists ( that was so widespread throughout Europe some 450 years ago, you take heart in their perilous voyage to America. With words from an actual 1737 passenger diary, you learn that many friends and family died before reaching the New World. Their dream of a new beginning set against the reality of their journey is magically heightened by wind, rain, smoke, and fire effects that encompass you right in the theater!

Jacob’s story is destined to bring to you the pain, sorrows, and ultimate joy of this family with whom so many inescapably identify. At the same time it provides an intimate view of these people who, to us, are neither "saints" nor "curiosities," but rather our friends and neighbors.

More than any other single Amish attraction, you leave "Jacob's Choice" with a better understanding of what it means to be Amish, andthe ties that have held them together through the centuries.


  The Amish Country Homestead
The Amish Country Homestead is a reflection of our commitment to accurately and sensitively portray the Amish as they live and work in today's world. The Homestead, sitting between the Amish Experience Theater and the Plain & Fancy Farm Dining Room, is the home of the fictional Old Order Amish family of Daniel and Lizzie Fisher, whom you have met and gotten to know in the Theater's "Jacob's Choice."
Inside the Homestead, we learn of Amish traditions and practices, plain clothing and life without electricity. Touring the Homestead allows us to observe up close how the Fisher family lives from day to day. NEW in 2010 was the addition of the Fisher One-Room School, attached to the house, with authentic desks and furnishings. Learn about the tradition of teaching eight grades in one room.
From the pantry stocked full of freshly canned vegetables to the family's plain clothes ... from propane-powered lamps to air-compressor driven permitted, why not an electric refrigerator?"
appliances...the Amish Country Homestead truly provides an insight into the complex riddles of a culture so very different from our own. Guides answer such questions as, “If a bottled gas refrigerator is permitted, why not a electric refrigerator?.

Contest sponsored by The Amish Experience • P.O. Box 414 • 3121 Old Philadelphia Pike, Route 340 • Bird-in-Hand, PA • 17505







 My own example of  an idea for a  sequel if i were entering this contest.Its just a rough draft, so its  only  to give everyone an idea of what we are looking for, i hope this helps. Yours can have more details.Good luck everyone. Richard from Amish Stories.

                                           Witness 2                                       

In my version Harrison Fords character has been retired from the philly police force for 6 years from a shooting incident, so he gets out on a disability. His wife of 21 years died in 2006, so he's been very alone since his wife's passing with only occasional visits with his old police buddy's to fill in his days. Now he's left with only the memories of the past, and now doubts himself as a man since his accident. At the age of 61 has unsure of his future for the first time in his life, his life seems to have no real purpose. Even with all the doubts John Book decides to look for a place not filled with so many bad memories, and so he returns to Lancaster county looking for a fresh start and to buy a home. While John Book is driving along route 30 from the city, he has flash backs from the 1st movie. In that part of his life he was young and strong with so much promise, now his best days seem to be behind him, or are they?. After stopping at a turkey hill market to get something to drink, he picks up the local paper and reads the head lines" Barn fire in Lancaster county turns deadly". It seems someone in Lancaster county has been setting only Amish barns on fire, now sadly this time a family has  perished in that blaze. Who is doing these fires, has anyone been a witness?. somewhere in Lancaster county there is a killer,and  he/she moves without thought or care in the darkness. Will John Book use his many years of police experience to  step-in to help local police to stop this madness, and can he over-come his own personal  self doubts in order  to save lives?.  As john book   ponders his next move a murderer is out there somewhere planning for  his next victims, is john book up to the task, and will he servive?....... ...........Witness 2


I've created this website out of my own interest in the Amish/Mennonite culture and of living in the country. Its a place for people who are interested in the Amish like myself, and its also a place to share Images of the beautiful country side that is all around me. my name is Richard, and I live very close to an Amish settlement here in Pennsylvania. This site is dedicated to my mother, who had started all of this by taking me as a child to Lancaster,pa from our apartment in the Bronx projects..........THANK YOU MOM............... Richard