Thursday, April 28, 2011

A quite day in Lebanon county's Amish community.

On the top image, this Amish boy seems to have created his own amusement by playing with the family buggy. I wonder if he realizes that it might be handed down to him in later years as he becomes a young man. And on the 2nd image, how many of you folks still hang your cloths out to dry?. There's something to be said about the fresh smell of cloths just dried by the sun, and a warm country breeze. On the 3rd image, these little guys had me waiting patiently for them to do something interesting. Watching goats or sheep, or even lambs is always a bit amusing to me. And as you can tell we all know who the leader is in this group. I was able to play with the settings on my camera with this farm field, and I was able to take some very interesting shots in this Amish area of Lebanon county. I'm a sucker for red barns, and I've admitted that more times than I could remember on Amish Stories. What I really love about Lebanon county's Amish settlement is that its for the most part free from commercialism, and I'm pretty sure the Amish settlement here prefers it that way. Which leads me to these questions, is some tourist activity good for the community and its Amish?. Or is it helping to destroy the Amish way of life in those communities that cater to the tourist trade?. In my opinion you can have both, but its going to have to be a balancing act between non -intrusion, and capitalism. What's your opinion, can we have both, and can the Amish still preserve their way of life in the process?. Richard from Amish Stories.


I've created this website out of my own interest in the Amish/Mennonite culture and of living in the country. Its a place for people who are interested in the Amish like myself, and its also a place to share Images of the beautiful country side that is all around me. my name is Richard, and I live very close to an Amish settlement here in Pennsylvania. This site is dedicated to my mother, who had started all of this by taking me as a child to Lancaster,pa from our apartment in the Bronx projects..........THANK YOU MOM............... Richard