Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Horses and buggies unwelcome in Landisville?

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story by Richard, Amish stories......I was not sure what to think when I was e-mailed this news story . I have it set-up that anything that’s Amish related regardless of which state it might be in is sent to me to review, then I will decide if i should post a story about it if I think it might be of interest to everyone. Its been a little slow lately regarding anything about Amish in the news, but this little story got my attention from its head line "horse and buggies unwelcome". It seems someone put up a sign in a shopping plaza in Lancaster county that said" no horse's or buggies allowed". Before I was able to read the whole article, I was thinking "the Amish are being banned, how could this happen". I was relived after reading the story from the local Lancaster newspaper that none of the store owners admitted to any involvement in putting the sign up, so maybe it was just some sort of a joke. This had me thinking, what do store owners or employees think about when cleaning up after the buggie's after they leave their parking lots?. I was about to flush-out the truth on what im calling "manure gate". So I decided to go over to a local shopping plaza here in Lebanon county called the Dutch-way farm market plaza, the store's here are very popular with the Amish folks. I took my trusty Kodak digital camera knocked the grin from my face, and headed over to talk with someone about this. As soon as I pulled inside the plaza I could see what someone might call a little problem, in fact there were a lot of little problems all over the floor at the buggy post located in front of the Good's store. Being as careful as I possibly could not to step in these little problems, I headed with great urgency to Good's store for some answers. When I entered I found my attention going back and forth between the new chairs that just came in, to seeking out an employee for some answers. After 10 mins and 150.00 later, I did get to an employee and my questions were about to be answered. First I wanted to know if they (Good's store) were the ones responsible for cleaning up those gifts left by those horses, and the answer was "yes" they are. I then told them about the story that was printed in the Lancaster newspaper, and I wanted to know what their take on it was, and if they had an issue with it.I told them I was going to put the story in a blog, and I also told them that id clean it up myself if I weren't so busy, and lets put it this way folks, if I wasn’t busy id invent something for me to do,lol. In the end I was told that the Amish are customers, and that its no problem for them to send someone outside to do a little cleaning. And that’s most likely the general consensus involving all these folks that are business owners, and when you think of it, don’t cars leak oil and who knows what other things and that’s cleaned-up by someone. So in a nut shell I myself don’t have a problem with manure, as long as I don’t have to clean any of it up,lol. Richard (picture by Richard, no picture given from the newspaper article)


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