Monday, January 24, 2011

some call these Amish heaters, but are they?

these heaters are advertised as Amish heaters, yet only the wood mantel is really Amish made.with the heating element coming from china. is this deceptive advertising?.in feb 2009 consumers affairs site article"how miraculous is this Amish fire place"?. in that article it criticzes the price of the heater and accused the company of false advertising by embellishing on the "Amish" connection.in 2009 in a new york times article "amish space heaters:is that a oxymoron"?,it pointed out that misleading advertising is a real concern. also in 2007 the Better Business Bureau has recieved over 200 complaints against the company relating to misleading advertising. the question is inspite of all the controversy with this heaters, would you buy one?


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