Thursday, June 9, 2011

One of the locations in Lancaster county where the movie "Witness" was filmed.

Zimmerman's  general store in intercourse, Pa
The pay phone that John Booth (Harrison Ford) used to call his police partner in Philadelphia, and tells him to "watch your back partner".
This is called queen street, the same street that Harrison fords character confronts a group of trouble makers. This clip in the movie ends in violence with a towns person saying "this will be bad for the Amish  tourist trade.

                                Queen street facing Zimmerman's store.
This Amish buggy supposedly was one of the Amish buggies used in the movie Witness.
Since we are having a "Witness" farm tour contest this week on Amish Stories,While in Lancaster this past week I thought id drop by Zimmerman's general store in Intercourse to take a few quick pictures. This store played an important role in the movie Witness especially the pay phone shown in this post. It’s a phone that not only was used in the movie, its still used by many plain people in this area. In the movie Witness Harrison Fords character is supposed to be going with some others of the Amish to Strasburg, instead this  small town of Intercourse is really used.   Richard from Amish Stories.

              Some "Witness" movie facts

21 century fox was offered the movie. but didn't want to make the film

Harrison Ford spent time with the philadelphia police to research his role.

Kelly Mcgillis  became very maternal with Lukas Haas while making the movie.

Kelly Mcgillis only worked in one small picture before working on Witness.

Alexander Godunov had never acted in a movie before staring in Witness.

Jan Rubes (the grandfather) never acted before he made Witness, and was an opera singer in Canada.

The movie script changed as the picture progressed, along with the ending of the movie.

Harrison Ford picked the Sam Cooke song "what a wonderful world" .

Shot on the Paul Krantz farm in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

Viggo Mortensen's feature film debut. He was offered the part in the film on the same day that he was offered to play a role in "Henry V" in Shakespeare in the Park in New York.

Jack Nicholson and Sylvester Stallone were considered for the role of John Book.

The "evening serenade" scene in the barn, in which Book and Rachel dance, was actually filmed during the day in the heat of the summer. The barn was blacked out and sealed, and that's why both Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis perspire so much in that scene. The kerosene lantern they had added even more heat.

As realistic as the actors playing background roles as Amish people are, no actual Amish were in the film because they do not (as is correctly stated in the film itself) like to have their pictures taken. They were intensely interested in the filming, though, and many Amish people were often out of camera range politely watching the filming.

In preparation for her role, Kelly McGillis lived with an actual Amish widow and her seven children for a period of time before filming began to get the speech cadence down and to observe the daily life of an Amish widowed mother.

The script's original title was "Called Home" which is the Amish term for death.

Kelly McGillis was working at a coffee shop in New York when she auditioned for the movie.

Richard from Amish Stories.





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