Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Amish cook


BY old order Amish LOVINA EICHER

We have entered the fourth month of 2011. Only nine weeks are left in the school term and it just always amazes me how time seems to go faster as the children get older. Without having to take time to sit and feed a baby or having to sit and rock a toddler for their daily nap I always figured there would be more time to get caught up. But instead ife seems to get busier as the years fly by. While taking care of the little ones it was always a good time for me to catch up with my reading. Often times I snuck a little nap in myself with one of the little ones. Now this year our youngest child, Kevin, will turn 6 years old. This week my husband Joe doesn’t have any work at the factory and the children are home from their spring break. We are hoping for warmer weather because we would like to get the yard cleaned up and get the painting done upstairs. We will be holding church services here in June so there’s always a rush to get the place in order before then.

It was 7 years in March that we made the move from Indiana to Michigan. Six days after our move our horse Itty Bit had her colt, bay-colored Ginger. I remember that we were afraid that Itty Bit would decideto deliver during the journey to Michigan. All worked out well and she waited until six days after our move. We have watched Ginger grow over the years into a dependable horse. We still have our oldest horse, Diamond, who will be17 years next month. He was born on my Mom and Dad’s place, Joe trained him and we have had him ever since. We have two buggies now so some of the children will take one of the horses with the one-seated buggy and the rest will take the surrey (two seated buggy) with another horse. Itty-Bit isn’t a big horse so she just usually pulls the one-seated buggy, while we’ll use Ginger or Diamond for the surrey.

This coming week daughter Elizabeth, 16, will be traveling to Kentucky with her friend Timothy and family. Timothy’s cousin is getting married on Thursday which they plan to attend the wedding (editor’s note: according to long-standing tradition, many Amish churches hold weddings on Thursdays) This is another part of life - having a child old enough to go away overnight - that is new to us, makes us think how fast the time goes and the children grow older. We will be glad once they will be home safe and sound. It teaches us to always put our trust in our Heavenly Father.

Joe and I attended the local consignment sale that is an annual event in this community. The lunch stand proceeds went to an area Amish school. A bake sale was also held to help out a young Amish couple with hospital bills. Helping one another with the burdens of life makes the load a lot easier for the ones carrying the burdens. There was anything from farm machinery to buggies and horses for sale. It was a cold, chilly day for the sale but it was well-attended.

Daughter Verena has been excited to still be receiving pieces of her puzzle. Joe and I have also greatly appreciated the letters from cousins, uncles, aunts, and friends that we hardly ever see. May God bless everyone of us that helps Verena with encouragement and cheer through this trial in life. Only God knows what the future holds and may we accept His plan whatever it may be.

Joe’s 97 year old grandmother continues to recover from her fal. She still needs lots of care and has a lot of pain yet. Our thoughts and prayers go her way. May God comfort her. We would like to go visit her but gas prices are soaring high. When the gas prices rise it makes the Amish drivers have to raise their prices on trips (Editor‘s note: while the Amish take buggies for local travel, they will hire non-Amish drivers fr longer trips). But we shouldn’t complain because we do have many blessings that we too often take for granted. I think this is God’s way of reminding us what matters most in life.

I will share a recipe for homemade chocolate pudding with you readers, it was always a favorite to us children when mother would make a big pot of it.

Lovina inherited the column from her mother, Elizabeth, who penned it from 1991 through 2002 . Anyone with cultural or cooking questions can send them to: Lovina Eicher, The Amish Cook, P.O. Box 2144, Middletown, OH 45042.Lovina Eicher, a member of the Old Order Amish, hand-writes this column from her Michigan home.


1 1 /2 cups sugar

4 tablespoons cocoa

1 1 /3 cup flour

8 cups milk

Heat 6 cups of milk over medium heat until hot but not boiling. In a separate bowl, stir together sugar, cocoa, and flour and add the two remaining cups of milk. Mix with spoon until smooth and stir into the hot milk letting it come to a good boil. Remove from heat and cool. Can be used to fill baked pie crusts or served as a pudding.


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