Sunday, January 30, 2011

Want to be a taste tester for Hershey foods?

I thought id write a lighter topic today, i am working on something with more importance, did i just say that, im talking about chocolate over here. I thought this one would be alittle fun to talk about. while reading the local Sunday paper today, i noticed a job that i think i was made for, and that is being a taste tester for Hershey foods right near me in hershey,pa.Now im not kidding folks they

really are looking for a part- time taste tester, so before anyone decides to apply for it don't bother. I made sure that my resume was in the mail before this topic went online, i would taste test choc all day for free . The company is looking for someone to sign-up for a 2 year minimum commitment, have excellent tasting skills, and computer competency. Well im not sure im really competent, but i know i "love me some chocolate" and that's all i need to get that job done. I can swear that if i squint my eyes just alittle while looking at my computer monitor when off, i can see a large square choc bar, now that committed folks. So would you take a job like this, even willing to do it for free?. picture provide by Wuperrupers photo stream taken from flicker. Richard


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