Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taken from the "American Thinker". Amish to be excused from obamacare mandate?

The senate healthcare bill just signed contains some exemptions to the pay-or-play mandate requiring purchase of obamacare approved health insurance or payment of a penalty fine. as fox news has pointed out, the Amish would be excused from the mandate. now as far as im conserned i dont have a problem with the Amish being excempt from obamacare because they seem to have pretty much everything taken care of by going through thier churches for medical assistance. to force someone to accept a medical plan from the gov is just plain wrong to me, i dont want anyone especially coming from our gov telling me that i have no choice but to take it or else.Is our healthcare in trouble, that answer to me is no, its the way we are paying for health insurance that i feel is broken. I say lets try and make it more competitive in pricing by letting health insurance companys compete over state lines. and lastly try and put a cap on frivolous law suits which is effecting how much a doctor pays for malpratice insurance. malpratice cost for doctors will only help make lawyers richer, and will add to the cost to our medical bills.Thats my 2 cents on this issue, whats your thought on this?.If your not happy about what most people are calling obamacare, what would you do in making health care more affordable to every american? Richard


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